[Official] QTS 4.0.5 SMB (TS-x79, TSx70U & TS-x69U)

[Official] QTS 4.0.5 SMB (TS-x79, TSx70U & TS-x69U)

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QTS 4.0.5 build 1023 SMB (TS-x79 & TS-x70)
QTS 4.0.5 build 1130 SMB (TS-x69)

1. Legacy volume capability enhancement
2. Some minor translation errors
3. Enhance SMART temperature compatibility
4. Enhance QPKG installation compatibility

[Bugs fixed]
Fixed - Upgrade from 3.8.3 to 4.0.4, RAID 10 shows Not Active,but data can be accessed
Fixed - Network port mapping
Fixed - Create block-based LUN,switch to storage pool will show Free size -1
Fixed - TS-469L NAS icon can not display on Chassis View
Fixed - Upgrade from 3.8.4 to 4.0.4, deleting legacy volume takes long time
Fixed - Disk should can be back to normal state after bad block scanning
Fixed - Error Log shows "Examination failed(Cannot unmount disk)" by Volume
Fixed - Encryption key File can not unlock Encryption Volume that been created from Soho firmware, after update to SMB v4.0.4
Fixed - Lost iSCSI connection in XenServer when upgrading from 3.8.4 to 4.0.4
Fixed - System migration issue
Fixed - Unexpected occasional reboot in some condition
Fixed - Xenserver iSCSI compatibility improvement
Fixed - Specify 2+ layers depth of path for Shared Folder, Shared Folder UI view incomplete
Fixed - Kernel crash after remove SAS cable and then remove iSCSI LUN which is initializing
Fixed - Cannot connect to Time Machine server using OSX 10.9
Fixed - Can use USER account to connect AFP
Fixed - [ WD10JFCX ] TS-1679U Rapid Test result: Fatal or unknown error (SMB)
Fixed - Speed down for ICRC error, Disparity and 10B8B error
Fixed - When HDD is in self test mode, retry 10 times if get HDD S.M.A.R.T fail
Fixed - Fix the long SATA resume time
Fixed - Fix SSD in PCH sometimes negotiate speed is 1.5G when plug out then plug in.

Note: If you still get hdd abnormal status after upgrading from 4.0.4, please run SMART rapid test again or follow below steps

1. Connect to the NAS SSH console
2. Edit the config file: vi /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.conf
3. Find any lines beginning "pd_err_wwn..." and delete them (press "dd"
while the cursor is over a line to delete it)
4. Save the file and exit by pressing shift+ZZ
5. Reboot the NAS

If you need help or want to downgrade firmware please feel free to contact our support service. http://helpdesk.qnap.com/


http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-269ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-469ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-469U-RP/ ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-569ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-669ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-869ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-869U-RP/ ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-1269U-RP ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-470ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-670ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-870ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-870U-RP/ ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-879ProTu ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-879U-RPT ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-1079ProT ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-1270U-RP ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-1279U-RP ... -4.0.5.zip

http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-1679U-RP ... -4.0.5.zip
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