[Official] QTS 4.0.2 Build0726 (x86)

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[Official] QTS 4.0.2 Build0726 (x86)

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[Version & Build]
QTS 4.0.2 Build0726

[Applied Models]
TS-x69, x59, x39, 509, 809, SS-x39

[New Features]
- QTS performance enhancement

- Photo Station
1. More pictures can be selected during photo import/upload
2. Full screen support for slideshow
3. Multiple pictures can be geotagged at the same time
4. Deleting a picture will no longer refresh the page
5. Photo file path is now linked to File Station for direct opening
6. Adds password prompt when accessing Qsync or Private Collection
7. On-the-fly video transcoding for TS-x59, TS-x69
8. Performance enhancement
9. Adds the ability to rotate the transcoded video files

- Setup: add an option to pre-install home or business-oriented features during first time setup for TS-x69 series

- Add the ability to clear partition in reset option (e.g. after reboot, the NAS enters Quick Setup status)

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1e

- Change SNMP output values from integers to strings
- Smart fan improvement for TS-269 Pro/L
- Download Station: add a disclaimer for the first time usage

[Major Issues Fixed]
- Unable to login to QTS under some circumstances
- The destination folder could not be displayed in Rsync backup to Deltacopy Server
- Symform could not be installed successfully
- The HDD standby may not be functional in some circumstances
- Advanced Folder Permission could not be applied if the name of subfolder is “A&B”
- A guest folder was created automatically during anonymous FTP login
- [Photo Station] User could not enter private collection if no password was set
- Eaton Ellipse Max 600 UPS could not be recognized
- [File Station] Uploading files greater than 2GB could fail
- Google Drive Sync was unable to sync after the firmware update

TS-239ProII+ TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-239ProII ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-239ProII ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-239ProII TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-239ProII ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-239ProII ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-239 Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-239ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-239ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-259Pro/259Pro+ TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-259ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-259ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-269 Pro/269L
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-269ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-269ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-439ProII+ TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439ProII ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439ProII ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-439ProII TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439ProII ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439ProII ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-439Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-439U RP/SP TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439UTurb ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-439UTurb ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-459Pro/459Pro+/459Pro II TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-459ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-459ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-459U-RP/SP/459U-RP+/SP+ TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-459UTurb ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-459UTurb ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-469 Pro/469L
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-469ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-469ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-509 Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-509ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-509ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-559Pro/559Pro+/559Pro II TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-559ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-559ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-569 Pro/569L
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-569ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-569ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-639Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-639ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-639ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-659Pro/659Pro+/659Pro II TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-659ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-659ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-669 Pro/669L
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-669ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-669ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-809 Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-809ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-809ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-809U-RP TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-809U-RP/ ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-809U-RP/ ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-859Pro/859Pro+ TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-859ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-859ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-859U/859U+ TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-859U-RPT ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-859U-RPT ... -4.0.2.zip

TS-869 Pro/869L
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-869ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/TS-869ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

SS-439Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/SS-439ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/SS-439ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip

SS-839Pro TurboNAS
http://us1.qnap.com/Storage/SS-839ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip
http://eu1.qnap.com/Storage/SS-839ProTu ... -4.0.2.zip