[Official] QTS 4.2.0 Build 20160203 (TAS series)

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[Official] QTS 4.2.0 Build 20160203 (TAS series)

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- QTS: Upgrades main system to QTS 4.2.0. Please refer to: https://www.qnap.com/qts/4.2/ for more information about the enhancements and changes in QTS 4.2. Some features may not be available on TAS-168/TAS-268. Please check the software specification page for details.

[Bug fix]

- Android: The Auto Updater will no longer crash when there is no Internet connection.
- Android: Google Play™ will no longer display “Require Wi-Fi connection” when downloading large files.
- Android: Fixed an issue that would cause Google Play™ 6.0.5 to crash when launched.
- Android: Fixed a compatibility issue with Amazon Video.
- Android: GMS settings will be skipped and when initializing Android in the region does not support Google Services.
- QTS: Fixed an issue that stops the Antivirus from updating virus definitions.

[Known issue]

- Older versions of iOS Qremote may crash when trying to connect to a TAS that is set to the Japanese UI in Android. Please update iOS Qremote to 1.0.10.


- You must connect a keyboard and mouse to the TAS if you plan to set up using HDMI output.
- Android is enabled by default. You can disable/enable it by pressing and holding the USB copy button for 6 seconds.
- When you connect USB storage to the TAS, Android will create two folders ("Android" and "obb") on it.
- Pre-installed Google Apps may not work if Google Services are blocked by your firewall.
- Downgrade QTS to 4.1.4 may cause system become unstable after upgrade to QTS 4.2.0.Please make sure you have back up important data if you plan to perform manual downgrade.

http://download.qnap.com/Storage/TAS-X6 ... -4.2.0.zip